Blackjack Strategy

Unlike many other casino games, blackjack isn’t a game of luck or chance, it’s actually a game of some skill. With every hand, the players trying to use a blackjack strategy have to make important decisions and determine how they are going to play the cards they have. The choices used in a particular blackjack strategy make the difference for most players between winning and losing.

There are two major components of black jack strategy – basic strategy and card counting. The basic blackjack strategy is an attempt to make the right choices in order to minimize the house advantage in the games. Learning a basic blackjack strategy will tell which moves to make when, but there is a significant amount of memorization required to make this strategy work.

Card counting blackjack strategy is much more complicated than the basic strategy, and much like a house needs a foundation, the more complex blackjack strategy needs the basics in place through a simple understanding of the house advantage and how to minimize that before the more complex strategies can be used. Through blackjack strategy, the player will need to consider the rules of the game they are playing as the rules can vary with different forms of the game.

The player will need to also plan for making moves based on the score of his hand as well as the dealer’s up card. Learning how to split or double is important as well for players who are learning to maximize the basic blackjack strategy. The simplest blackjack strategies include methods like:

– Doubling down on a 10 or 11 and the dealer’s card is worth less than your hand.
– Hit on all hands of 11 or less.
– Stand with hands that are between 17 and 21.
– With soft hands lower than 15, always hit.

There are countless more rules and tricks to learn as you master the blackjack strategy and use it to your favor in traditional or online casinos.