Blackjack dealers are in regular demand, and most of the experienced dealers are able to earn a decent pay. If you are interested in a casino job, you may consider becoming a blackjack dealer. It is not too difficult to step into this career as long as you are hardworking, committed and most importantly, you possess the basic personal integrity that is so necessary for this job. You must instil trust almost immediately with the firm you are speaking with.

Pre-requisites for becoming a Blackjack Dealer

 You need to be at least 21 years of age. That is the primary condition, while other conditions may be imposed by different casinos according to their individual employment policy and the local employment laws. Most casinos would prefer to hire blackjack dealers who do not have any prior criminal record. Furthermore, every blackjack dealer must have the necessary skills to count money and card totals. If you have already worked previously in a casino as a dealer, it would be considered an added advantage to land you the job as a blackjack dealer.

However, if the casino hires you without any past experience, they would typically require you to undergo on-the-job training and other training sessions for several days or weeks before you are ready to work on a ‘live’ table with real players. If you know one or more foreign languages, it will be a strong plus point in your favor. Many casino customers are foreign tourists who do not understand English, so the casinos are constantly on the lookout for dealers who can speak an alternative foreign language.

General Occupational Requirements

To obtain a position as a blackjack dealer, you should be open to the idea of relocating to different places. Las Vegas is the largest job market for blackjack dealers, but it is no longer the only market. You may consider looking for a job at other geographical locations, where you may have lesser job competition and better career opportunities. Casinos are located in all parts of the world, so you should even be prepared to work internationally, if you want to expand your opportunities and increase your chances of acquiring a job offer.

To become a blackjack dealer, you need to be mentally prepared for a lifestyle that involves working late at night, and even over the weekends and holidays sometimes. The job involves many of the challenges of the hospitality industry, and you should be strong enough to handle all kinds of customers with different attitudes. Sometimes a customer can be a bad loser and sometimes even winners may mock at the dealer. If you can be objective and dispassionate about such situations, you may be a fit candidate for this job.

Tips for Securing a Job Quickly

Hone your people skills, and behave in a polite, friendly, and courteous manner during the job interview. Update your basic math skills if the casino requires you to sit for a math test before you are hired. If you are having a hard time finding a job due to lack of prior job experience, join blackjack dealer classes. Many times the local casinos offer free classes to train blackjack dealers. Alternatively, you may attend paid classes at a professional institute offering blackjack dealer training. Look for a suitable job opening in the local newspapers and online classified ads.