Barney Frank Headlines WSOP

Frank’s World Series of Poker Appearance

Democratic Representative Barney Frank kicked off the World Series of Poker main event on Sunday with some poignant words regarding his upcoming bill that aims to ensure online gambling is legal in the United States.

“It is odd that we say no gambling, because the country is in a terrible economic hole because of gambling,” Frank stated. “The difference is the law that passed by the Republicans stops individuals from gambling in the thousands with their own money. At the same time, they were allowing other institutions to gamble in the billions with other people’s money.”

Online Casino Games Ban

In 2006, an amendment to the Safe Port Act made it illegal for US banking institutions to participate in any internet gambling transaction.  Frank has been fighting to overturn this law from the time it was enacted, with little success.  However, according to Frank, the opportunity to do so may be just around the corner.

“I did not further push the bill [that passed in the House Financial Services committee] last year because it was clear President Bush would have vetoed it,” Frank stated. “Now that we have a president that I know is not in hock to the right wing, I plan to move this bill. I think they’re going to pass. I am really optimistic we’re going to get this repealed.”

Moral Leadership In Gambling

Frank wrapped up his press appearance after making some scathing remarks aimed at the opponents of his upcoming bill. “This is another case of my Congressional colleagues, who are as you well know for the exemplary moral lives they all live instructing the rest country how to come up to the high ideals we meet so regularly,” joked Frank.

After making his statements about the upcoming bill, Frank helped commence the day’s poker play with the traditional call, “Shuffle up and deal!”  And the tournament began.

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What do you think?  Should online gambling be legal in the United States?  Is the government protecting the people or is people’s online gambling habits none of their business?  Let your voice be heard in the comment section below!