You may have heard about the online casino blackjack variant that offers an even money payout on the game. Most players think that this is a rip off, but, contrary to the popular belief, the reduced payout can mean that there are more things to your advantage.

It is common that at even money online blackjack players have been given a significant advantage in other aspects of the game. Sometimes the online casinos twist the standard rules in order to give the players other outs in the game.

Even money blackjack is offered at most online casinos. The industry leading software providers have come up with different versions of the game. The software provider behind Silver Oak Casino is Real Time Gaming (RTG) and their version of the game is one of the most exciting ones available. You have probably seen it around at the casino, it is called ‘Face Up Blackjack’.

The payout is reduced because both the dealer’s cards are dealt face up so the player can see the dealer’s total from the start. This form of playing blackjack is unusual and that is what makes it particularly exciting. I recommend that, even though the payout percentage is lower, you try out this game for the thrill of it and for a new gaming experience.

Even if you do not feel like spending money, RTG offers a play money version of the game so that you can decide if you want to check it out.

Tomorrow I will continue with ‘The Online Gambler’s Guide’ topics and the one that was requested by our user ‘Richard’ was the different house edges on online casino games as he wants to learn how to make better decision regarding his bankroll management. Come back to the blog tomorrow if you are interested in learning about the same thing and please suggest more topics for next week.

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