5 Ridiculous Ways to Save Money

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who live life, enjoy themselves and aren’t afraid to even play the occasional table game to have fun and maybe win some money. And then there are those people who do the kind of stuff listed below:

Use the airport as your hotel room – I don’t just mean snoozing through a three hour layover, or crashing for a few hours until your 6am flight the next morning. No, this is actually planning a vacation where you save on hotel rooms by sleeping in the airport for the whole trip. And yes, these comfort-haters even have their own website.

Don’t eat one day a week – There are seven days in the week. And with food costing as much as it does, who can afford to eat on all of them? Apparently not the writer, and readers, of this book. No word on whether they also save money by choosing one day to avoid wearing clothes, using soap or leaving the house.

Knit mittens out of dog hair – Speaking of clothes, why not save money by making all your own knit-wear from dog hair you find lying around the house? Well, besides the fact it’s gross and unhygienic of course.

Separate your two-ply toilet paper – If you ask me, some things are sacred. And decent, non-ripping toilet paper is one of them. So I’ll just report that, yes, people do this, and no, I’m not one of them.

Discount dentistry – Got a filling, but not a lot of cash? Then why not check out your local student dentists? They may not be entirely trained, or competent, but they are cheap. To be honest, given the cost of dentistry, this cost-saving tip isn’t that far out there. But do you want to trust your pearly whites to some student who’s still recovering from last night’s kegger?

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