Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. If you ever rub a lamp and have a Genie appear, here is the absolute best possible way to play it: Wish 1 – 1,000,000 more wishes, wish 2 – that you live long enough to use all 1,000,000 wishes. After that you’re set, and might as well blow wish 3 on turning rain into vodka. But let’s assume you aren’t lucky enough to be sitting there thinking what to do with the 3 wishes granted to you by a magic Genie. In that case, playing Aladdin’s Wishes is the next best thing.

This online slot machine has some funky graphics, featuring a mischievous monkey, swords, magic carpets and a Sultan’s daughter who, to my eye, looked like she might just be sporting an Adam’s apple. But cross-dressing Sultanettes aside, this game also has a fun, lamp-rubbing bonus game with some rather wish-fulfilling prizes. You get to pick lamps, with each one hiding a nice little surprise. And you get multiple picks, so the prizes can add up fast. Each lamp could award 25 free games or a cash prize of up to 100 times your original bet. Which might, if you’re the Sultan’s “daughter”, even be enough for that surgery you’ve been wanting. Speaking of making wishes come true, this game also has a random, progressive jackpot, just like many of Silver Oak’s other online slots.

Other than that, I enjoyed this game because I can relate to Aladdin. I’m something of a charming rogue, who may get up to no good, but always displays a big heart when all is said and done. And, more importantly, I often wear puffy pants and shoes that curl up at the toe. Want to make your wishes come true? Play Aladdin’s Wishes now.

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Peter Alexander

With over ten years experience as an online writer and content specialist, Peter has written for a wide variety of clients and industries. At various points, he has helped define the online voice for clients such as Nintendo, Nike’s Jordan brand and Electronic Arts. For the last number of years, he has specialized in writing for the online gaming world, for clients such as Bodog and Silver Oak Casino.