Complex, confusing or too complicated to bother with, baccarat has to handle many unflattering labels. Certainly the game appears more complicated than blackjack or even poker, but once you learn to play, there are distinct advantages to enjoying the game – it’s one of the very few games in online casinos that actually offer players fair odds or odds balanced with the house. There is little house advantage.

Originally popular in France, baccarat tables are popular in casinos around the world and online baccarat is common as well. Understanding the game and the betting system is all that is really required to truly enjoy what the game offers players. The house has an edge of 1.17 percent, and every player enjoys that percentage – there is no special skill or learning required.

Play Online Baccarat Now

Baccarat is usually a game reserved for very high rollers, but with the online baccarat games now readily available, it’s possible for anyone to play – with or without any of the minimum bets. A full version of baccarat has 14 players and three dealers. It’s more common to see the smaller version of the game with seven players and one dealer. This version moves more quickly than the large version as the dealer deals all of the cards.

In the game, a “callman” stands to tell the others what the cards are as they are turned face up. He also calls out the points for each hand and determines whether each hand gets a card according to the rules of the game. The callman is the dealer and he handles all of the winning and losing bets as well. In the full casino version of the game, the two extra dealers handle the betting of the various players. In the online baccarat games, the betting is more easily managed, of course, but programs, which just makes the game move more quickly, providing more fun for players.