Blackjack Split Rules: What is the Best Possible Hand?

Blackjack Split Rules

Nearly every gambling game has some combination that is statistically very unlikely, but still possible. That perfect outplay of cards, whatever it might be. It’s the kind of thing that you keep in the back of your mind because for the most part, it is fun to do. You think to yourself as you flip over your hand each time, “Could this hand be the one?”

The blackjack split rules are interesting:  if you keep getting dealt pairs, can you keep on splitting them until you run out of table space? This case study presents a couple interesting questions:

  1. What is the maximum number of times you can split in blackjack?
  2. Given the above, what is the best possible split blackjack hand?

Blackjack Splitting Rules

The rules regarding splitting vary from casino to casino. Here is a general rundown.

  • Most casinos will allow two splits; some will not.
  • Some casinos will allow a double down after a split.
  • Most casinos will not allow any more cards after a double down.
  • Most casinos will only allow you one card after aces have been split.

Naturally, armed with the above information, you want to be playing at the types of casinos that allow you to do the following:

  • Split twice and then double down

The Best Possible Hand in Blackjack

It would go something like this:

  1. The dealer is showing a six or some bust card.
  2. You are dealt, say, fours – your bet is $10.
  3. You split these, and the fours both receive fours, which you spilt again – your bet is now $40.
  4. All these (4) hands with fours, all receive fours. You split again – your bet is now $80.
  5. You double down on eight hands – your bet is now $160.
  6. The dealer hits on 16, busts, and all your hands win.

Where your initial bet was for $20, you end up raking in $300. This example was purposely done without using aces to illustrate that it ultimately does not matter if you are splitting aces because split aces do not payout 2:3 as a natural blackjack does. So even if we had split aces here, the payout would still be the same. In addition, since it’s already been stated that aces can only receive one more card after they are split, aces are in not going to give you the maximum amount of winnings possible in this scenario.

“But Atlantic City does it Differently.”

Interestingly, Atlantic City does not allow a split after the initial split, but it does allow a double down.  This stands in direct opposition to Las Vegas, whereas discussed the rules state that you can split again after the initial split.

If you would like some more information on splitting in blackjack, check out our complete blackjack guide to splitting. It has everything you need to know, and even some fun extras tutorials to really drive the point home.