Celebrities Who Gamble

No, I’m not here to write about which celebrity likes to play Blackjack or bet on the horses. I want to talk about the celebrities who gamble with their fame, their health or even their lives. Watching the rise and inevitable fall of celebs is the biggest spectator sport since Alex Rodriguez made everyone stop caring about baseball. Why? Because most celebrities are talentless hacks. And the ones who do have some natural ability are usually crack-heads. But you do have to give them one thing – some of them do love to take risks.

DJ AM is obviously a big gambler. A few months ago he was involved in a devastating plane crash. It was bad in that people were killed. But it was good in that before the crash nobody knew who he was. Despite it turning up his fame-o-meter it must have been quite traumatizing. So when he showed up at LAX to board a plane last weekend, his status as a gambler was firmly cemented. His fellow crash-ee, Travis Barker, has wisely vowed to never fly in a plane again. In a similar vein, Kim Kardashian was in a terrible crash, when her reputation ran into a mountain and exploded. A sex tape starring her and some guy somehow leaked onto the internet. Being the talented and modest celeb that she is, she immediately tried to quash the sex tape and step out of the spotlight. Oh wait, that’s wrong. What she actually did was sell the rights to the tape for 5 million bucks and then start up her own reality show.

Maybe the biggest celebrity gambler these days is Amy Winehouse. I don’t want to make any wild and unfounded accusations, but I will say this: smoking all the crack in Crack Town would be considered risky. Not consuming anything but cigarettes and crystal meth is a bit of a gamble. And drinking so much that the BRITISH think you have a problem is really throwing the dice. Of course there’s no shortage of celebs who gamble by (allegedly) taking drugs or drinking and driving or what have you: Lindsay Lohan, Charles Barkley, now even that chubby guy (no, the other chubby guy) from the Barenaked Ladies. Well, if you’re no celebrity and still appreciate some good old fashioned gambling for money, check out our table games and online slots now.