A New Jersey  woman named Patricia Demauro has recently shattered the a two-year old record for the longest roll at a craps table.

Demauro stepped up to a craps table, at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, for just the second time in her life. No one knew, when she was handed the dice, she was about to make history with the hottest hand ever to hold dice.

Before you can really grasp how impressive this feat was, you need to understand the very basics of craps.

The Basics of Craps

In the game of craps all players bet at the same time on any number of bets. There are two main types of bets, bets on the roll being good and bets on the roll being bad (rolling a 7).

This is obviously an over-simplification, but it’s still true. If you would like to learn the specific details of the bets head to part one of our Craps Strategy Guide.

Now if you’re betting on a good roll, and are not making a sucker bet, your bet remains in play until a seven is rolled. For example, if your bet is on the six you will make money any time a six is rolled. Any other roll (apart from a seven) will gain you nothing and leave you bet intact.

When a seven is rolled all bets are stripped from the table (except the people who have bet against the table on a bad roll).

From the first roll after a seven the same person will continue to roll until they craps-out themselves, and the process starts over.


The New Record

When Demauro threw her first roll and set the point, no one knew it would be just the first roll of a tota 154 she would throw before landing on a seven. The Jersey native threw dice, and made an entire table of players a fortune, for four hours and eighteen minutes.

Not only did this longest roll beat the previous record, which had stood for over twenty years, it dwarfed it by one hour and twelve minutes.

Demauro approached the table with just $100, and while the casino respected her privacy in not announcing what she left with, it’s safe to assume the casino organized champagne toast was the last thing on her mind when her roll came to an end.

If you’re feeling lucky, and want to see how long you can go while watching your stack grow, then try your hand playing the game at one of our online craps tables.

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