Crewpon Promotion at Silver Oak Casino

Silver Oak Casino promised you that December would not only have the slots tournaments but that many more promotions would follow. Well, we are honoring our promise by bringing you a new promotion called “Crewpon”. We hope to see you at the casino trying to claim the incredible bonus that this promotion offers all of our players.

Crewpon is a new bonus that Silver Oak Casino is offering with the coupon code CREW2000. Players are required to convince their friends to avail of the bonus and then refer the friends to Silver Oak Casino. You can easily do this from the promotions page on our website, you will have to enter your name and email and then the name and email of your friend. The size of the bonus you will get depends on the amount of friends that you refer. The correspondence between friends who claim the bonus and the free chips you will get is the following:

  • for every 10 claims, the free chip is $25.
  • for 50 claims the free chip is $50
  • for 100 claims the free chip is $75
  • for 150 claims $100
  • for 200 claims the free chip is $150
  • for 300 claims the free chip is $200
  • for 500 claims the free chip is $300,
  • for 1,000 claims the free chip is $500
  • for 1500 claims the free chip is $1000.

Even though you may think it is hard to get so many friends to claim the bonuses, we have a great tool that will help you attract more friends. We are offering a 200% match bonus for new players, meaning that your friends can get a really high value for their money if they play with us. Tell them that if they deposit $100, they will get another $100 for free and be able to play with $200 and make more winnings. Start recruiting your friends already to ensure that you get a big piece of the Crewpon bonus pie.