Bogart and Bacall, Brad and Angelina, Heidi and Spencer. They may all be perfect pairs, but none of them will score you a 25 to 1 payout like the ones in this game. Blackjack + Perfect Pairs is much like your classic Blackjack, but with one huge difference that I find makes the game a lot more exciting. The game offers an optional side-bet that pays out every time you’re dealt a pair in your first two cards.

To me, that little side-bet makes all the difference. I love Blackjack, but I find that a lot of the time I want to play a game that offers a chance at a big win. With regular Blackjack, you usually win a bit, or lose a bit, but it’s steady as she goes. Add the Perfect Pairs side-bet though, and you can win a jackpot big enough to make you jump out of your chair. If you make the side-bet, your payouts depend on the type of pair you hit, with a 25 to 1 score for a pair of cards that are the same number, and suit. (a pair of 8 of spades, for example).

As I said, other than the side-bet, which is optional, the game is played exactly like regular Blackjack, with all the same Blackjack strategy and rules. In fact, you can sit down at a table and ignore the side-bet and play it just like regular 21. Of course, if you did that you’d be missing out on all the Perfect Pairs fun. Oh, and this game is just one of a whole pile of variations on Blackjack, like Face Up 21, where you can see the dealer’s cards, and Super 21 which offers huge bonuses depending on which cards you get. Want to give it a shot? Play Blackjack + Perfect Pairs now.

Peter Alexander

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