“Fooooood fiiiiiiiight!” For anyone who’s ever lived in a dorm or eaten in a school cafeteria, those words might fill you with glee, or with terror. Yes they’re crazy, chaotic and very messy, but a good food fight can also be the perfect way to express your inner child. And now, at our Silver Oak online casino, you can enjoy all the excitement of a food fight without having to pay any dry-cleaning bills.

You know what some other words are that might fill you with glee? “Penny slots”. Our online slot machine Food Fight is a fun, messy, action-packed game that you can play for a penny a spin. You can also play it for more if you want, but even if you play one cent per spin, you still get a chance at lobbing some dessert around in the pie-chucking bonus round.

Like a typical slot machine, Food Fight is a five-reel slot machine where you try to line up as many identical symbols as you can on a pay-line. But it does have a couple little bonus tricks you won’t see on most slots.

When you hit all three parts of a sundae – cone, sundae and topping – the game will pause for a moment while they combine to form an ice-cream cone. When that happens you’re awarded a tasty scatter bonus.

Similarly, you’ll be looking for the three parts of a cherry pie – pie shell, pie filling and cherry – because that means you’re off to the bonus round! You’ll get to lob pies at a variety of characters, continuing to play until you finally miss. And each time you score a hit, you score a random number of free credits.

As mentioned before, you can play Food Fight for a penny a spin, or more if you want. You can play up to 9 lines, with each line playing for anywhere from a penny to $5, depending on what you want.

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