Everything is big in Las Vegas, from the casinos filled with row after row of games and slot machines to the huge egos to the even huger bankrolls of the high-rollers. One thing Vegas doesn’t have is a fifty foot tall robot of Michael Jackson roaming around the desert outside town. But it almost did.

Back in 2005, years before the late singer’s planned 50 show residency in London, he was close to agreeing to an extended run of shows in Las Vegas. He had gone as far as rehearsing and planning the stage sets and costumes. And he had also had initial meetings with a designer about building a fifty foot high version of himself as a walking, robotic advertisement for the concerts. The idea was that it would wander around the desert just outside of town, and be visible to tourists as they flew into town.

Of course the concerts, and the robot, never happened. Michael Jackson was unable to raise enough investment to get the planned mega-shows off the ground. Which is probably a good thing, as it would have been a shame if the giant celebrity robot had gone beserk and wreaked havoc on the Strip.

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