So you want to be a professional gambler, eh? What if I told you that there are a lot of misconceptions that surround the idea of the ‘professional gambler’ and that, while a lot of work, it’s probably easier than you might think? Sound intriguing? You see, the thing about casinos is they are giving out free money—if you can figure out how to win it.

They say that in every bet there is a fool and a thief, and professional gamblers believe strongly that the casino, or the other players they are playing against, are the fools. The fundamental drive behind all professional gamblers is an unwavering confidence that they are smarter than the person, or the machine facing them and their money down.

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If you feel you are exceptionally smart, or an exceptionally hard worker, then then you may have what it takes in order to become a professional in the gaming world. The following blog post will deliver some hard-and-fast tips on how to get started. If this world sounds like an environment you would like to be in, then you can always hone your skills by using our WebPlay feature.

Professional Gambler: Definition

If you want to become a “professional gambler” then we should first start off with a definition of what a professional gambler actually is.

  • A professional gambler: is someone who makes a living off games offers in a casino environment.

It should be noted here that typically this refers to a long-term outlook. So if you make a living off casino games for two weeks, I’m sorry to say that you are not a professional just yet. You have to develop the skillset that is going to allow you to win on a consistent basis. That will obviously involve some losses, but overall you are making a living for yourself, year after year.

For the most part there are two paths to achieve this, and it’s sort of like Star Wars and their concept of the Dark Side and the Light Side: in the online gambling world, there are the following two categories:

The Specialist

“Rulers are not anointed. They are created by the void of self-mastery.” ― T.F. Hodge

When you think of the specialist, most likely either poker, horseracing, sports betting or possibly blackjack come to mind, but occasionally you will find slots players and other games that typically have much lower player advantage. The specialist hones their skills at their game of choice, and that is what gives them the edge that allows them to consistently make money from the casino. In short, they come to know the game so well, it’s like an extension of their body. This variation is the most common amongst professional gamblers. After all, it’s much easier to become a master at one thing.

The Nomad

“Not all who wander are lost.” – J R R Tolkien

The nomad is a different kind of player, and definitely less rare. The nomad, in contrast to the Specialist, has no specialization. They are a wanderer on the casino grounds, mostly moving from one intuitive hunch to the next, trying out different tactics, and methodologies.  These are the players with an encyclopedic knowledge of nearly every type of game, slots, table, or specialty. They are, for all intents and purposes, lost in their own motivation to learn not just one thing, but everything. In short, they come to know “gambling” so well, it becomes an extension of the very fibre of their being.

The Training

Books and Books, Concepts, and Math: The most efficient and immediate way into knowledge is through a book. Many players get such a thrill out of actually playing the game that they do not take the time to stop to study the theory behind what is occuring. Casino games have many different intricacies that are designed to be esoteric and hard to uncover. The general process goes like this: read some book, and then return to real money play and test it out.

Learn from Your Elders: The youth of today think that they know it all. But keep in mind that there are gamblers out there who have survived a lifetime of wild swings and devestating loses. They generally don’t mind passing on their wisdom, provided that you ask nicely. So ask.

And You’re Off

As someone who works as a casino, I have seen the professionals that make millions of dollars a year. It’s an arduous road, but you know what they say, money won feels twice as good as money earned. Speaking of money, how about some free cash to get you started? Check out our daily and monthly promotions and load up on as many casino goodies as you can.


Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.