Internet Sensation Susan Boyle is #2

If the performers on the show Britain’s Got Talent were judged on fame, press coverage or YouTube views, Susan Boyle would have finished number one. But when it came down to it on yesterday’s final episode, more viewers voted for dance troupe Diversity, leaving Boyle the runner up. Of course, #2 ain’t bad, especially considering her humble origins…and the fact she’ll be enjoying her newfound Fame & Fortune for years to come.

Or at least she’ll be enjoying the fortune part. The fame? Maybe not so much. The Scottish cat-lady has already snapped from the extreme pressures of her sudden fame. She had a much-publicized run-in with a pair of dirt-digging journalists a few days ago, and even admitted the pressure of fame made her consider quitting the show before yesterday’s final episode.

But she stuck it out and performed admirably on the final. Yeah, she didn’t win, but she did amazingly well. And with the promise of recording contracts and a potential collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Weber in the works, it seems that her 20 million views on YouTube are just the beginning for this talented singer. Want to see if you can handle the highs and lows yourself? Then play our online slot Fame & Fortune right now.