Jennifer Lopez to Become American Idol Judge?

For a show that’s not even on the air right now, American Idol sure knows how to keep itself in the gossip pages. And this summer, it’s been all about the show’s judges trying to hit the jackpot. From Simon Cowell’s $45 million dollar payday, to Paula Abdul’s request for $20 million, it’s obvious the show is a huge money maker. But is it enough to attract Jennifer Lopez?

Recently, she was spotted having dinner with Ryan Seacrest, leading to rumors that she was considering joining the show. She herself denied it earlier this week, but then you can’t believe everything you hear when it comes to stuff like this. If she’s negotiating to join the show, at the expense of, say Paula, of course she’d deny it. And really, if she isn’t considering joining the show, would she really sit through a dinner with Ryan Seacrest?

No matter what happens, we can all be assured that the show will be back, and that every judge sitting at that little table, will make more money per episode than most of us make in a year. Do you want a shot at hitting your own jackpot? Then play your favorite online casino games at Silver Oak today!

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