Michael Jackson’s Dad Wants a Las Vegas Shrine

Always classy, Michael Jackson’s dad has told the media that he wants a shrine to the late pop star built in Las Vegas, amid the casinos, nightclubs and souvenir shops. Joe Jackson went on record with E! to say that his son should be buried in the city where he lived for several years, with his final resting place acting as a Graceland-style shrine/tourist attraction.

Of course, fans would undoubtedly flock to it, and creating a place where they could pay their final respects isn’t a bad thing. But with Joe Jackson’s history, you have to assume his only interest in the matter is trying to make a few more bucks off his son. Which is probably why he’s making announcements like this on an entertainment TV show like E!.

You can almost hear the wheels turning, as various hangers-on try to figure out how to maximize the profit possibilities of the singer’s death. Other family members and associates have gone on record to say they’d prefer he be buried at the Neverland Ranch, with one even suggesting they could have a “museum, and a Cirque-style show” at the ranch.

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