NFL Couch Potato Season Now Officially Underway

How many interceptions will Brett Favre throw as a Minnesota Viking? Will Michael Vick be welcomed back to the NFL, or will dog-lovers ensure he gets booed in every city he visits? Will the league be able to keep players from tweeting during games? There are many different questions in the minds of football fans right now, and many of them are about to be answered.

Sure there was a game the other day, but today marks the first Sunday of the NFL regular season. It’s the beginning of another season of football fans spending twelve hours every Sunday glued to their couch sucking back beer and pretzels. If you’re a football fan, it’s a day to rejoice. If you hate the game, it’s a day to find something else to do that’s more fun than watching the overpaid and oversized shuffle around a grass field for a few hours.

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