No Hangover For This Vegas Casino

The hit Hollywood buddy movie “The Hangover” has made a heck of a lot of money…and sparked a boon for the casino Caesars Palace. Many of the scenes in the movie were filmed there, and apparently tourists are coming in droves to check out the locations used in the film, and ask questions about the action.

The questions tend to revolve around tigers, chickens and Mike Tyson, while the popular sightseeing spots are the suite used in the movie, which is a real room at Caesars, and the spot where an absolutely hilarious scene takes place at a blackjack table. And speaking of Blackjack, if you want to play a few hands, you can do it right here:

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“The Hangover” has made almost $200 million bucks already and is still going strong, on the strength of a hilarious script, and some classic cameos by, among others, *SPOILER ALERT – SPOILER ALERT* Carrot Top. And, judging by all the conversations I’ve had about it in the last week, this movie has sparked a lot of interest in road-tripping to Vegas for a lost weekend of drinkin’ and gamblin’.

Need a few bucks to make that road-trip happen? Well, try your hand at Blackjack in our online casino, and maybe you’ll get lucky!