There is a notion that playing at an online casino means that you have to spend money. To many people with an interest in online gambling it may sound discouraging to take a part of their budget to put it into an online casino. However, as surprising as it may sound, most online casinos allow players to enjoy their games purely for fun and without investing any money.

This is possible because the majority of online casinos offer various ways to play without using your money. The first one is the play money option which allows players to visit an online casino, register at it and create an account and be directed to the play money lobby. Play money means that you will be playing real online casino games such as blackjack, roulette and all other variations but for a currency that the online casino denominates play money, i.e. fake money.

From experience I can say that my first visits to online casinos were to use play money at the games. It is very satisfying because if what you like is the thrill of watching the roulette spin or seeing the slot machine mark you just hit the jackpot then you will get all of that from the online casino without spending a penny.

Play Online Casino Games for Free, for Money

Another way in which players can gamble for fun at online casinos is to take advantage of their deposit-free bonuses. Deposit-free bonuses offer players a small amount of money that they can use to wager at real online casino games, the only downside is that players do not get to keep the bonus money but only the winnings they accumulate with it. But hey! That downside does not sound bad at all, right? The online casino is giving you free money to go and make money while you get all the phone and excitement of real online casino games.

Play money and deposit-free bonuses allow online casino players who run on tight budgets to still enjoy the online casino experience without risking any of their own money. If you want to play online casino games just for fun be sure to take advantage of these options.