Online Casino: Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

Even though an online casino bonus may look clear and simple on the online casino’s website, generally bonuses are not that simple and there are many different aspects of them that a seasoned online casino player should know about.

Sometimes online casino players are attracted by the maximum amount of the bonus; a 200% up to $2000 bonus sounds optimal, right? Well, in reality an online casino player should not be looking at the maximum amount of the bonus but, instead, should ask themselves what is the maximum limit they can deposit. If an online casino bonus offers 200% up to $2000 but you can only deposit $200, then there is no point in you trying to clear such bonus. The best way to make the most of an online casino bonus is to choose one with a maximum amount that you can deposit to receive all of the benefits.

Another thing that online casino players need to know about bonuses is that the percentage is also a very important part of them. A 50% bonus up to $200 is not as good as a 100% bonus up to $200. This is because for the first one the online casino would require you to deposit twice as much than for the second one to end up getting the same value.

After having evaluated those aspects, the next thing an online casino player needs to look at is the wagering requirements. These are online casino requirements for a player to clear a bonus. Online casinos can do this in various ways, but the most common ones are to ask players to wager the bonus value x times and to ask for the deposit and the bonus values added to be wagered an x amount of times.

An online casino player should look for a bonus with wagering requirements that complement the value of the bonus. You do not want an online casino bonus that offers you 100% up to $100 and asks you to wager the deposit and the bonus 30 times because that would mean that you’d end up wagering $200 x 30 = $6,000. Instead, you might prefer a 100% up to $100 in which only the bonus needs to be wagered 40 times, so you only wager $100 x 40= $4000. It will be faster and simpler to clear.