Do you like poker? Do you like to drink? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, and I know you did, then you must love Pai Gow Poker. And if you don’t already love it, you should start right now.

As far as I’m concerned it is the perfect game. Now I know that you all have your own favorite games. And I respect that, but hear me out. Like many other games, Pai Gow Poker blends luck with just a smidgen of skill. Not that it’s difficult to learn, but it’s just tricky enough to make you feel cool when you figure out all the ins and outs. But there are two things that really set it apart. One, it’s based on poker. And I love poker, but I suck. I can’t even beat those mouth-breathing, potty-mouthed youngins’ that play online. So Pai Gow lets me get my poker fix, pain-freee. The other great thing? There are lots of times when a hand ends in a push. And that means more time for drinking. If you’re at a real casino, you’ll be scoring lots of free drinks while not betting very often. If you’re playing online you’ll have lots of chances to ask your significant other to get you a cold one out of the fridge.  And maybe whip up some nachos while they’re at it.

So it’s a great game. And the online version here at Silver Oak works like a charm. The betting controls are totally intuitive, the graphics are cool and the mechanics of playing the game itself take about one second to learn. So if you’ve never given this game a shot, or even just want to remind yourself how awesome it is, play Pai Gow Poker right now.

Peter Alexander

With over ten years experience as an online writer and content specialist, Peter has written for a wide variety of clients and industries. At various points, he has helped define the online voice for clients such as Nintendo, Nike’s Jordan brand and Electronic Arts. For the last number of years, he has specialized in writing for the online gaming world, for clients such as Bodog and Silver Oak Casino.