Slot Machine Strategy

In order to have a solid slot machine strategy, you must understand how the game actually works. Slot machine odds are calculated as the chance that you’ll actually hit a jackpot or hitting any winning combination.

Slot Machine Strategy: Calculating Odds

Modern slot machines are calibrated so that a player’s odds of winning are dependent on how the game is set up. The reels of the machine make a significant difference in that machine’s odds. Every stop on the reel corresponds to more than one stop as the wheel goes around. Symbols appear on the wheels more than once, so the actual odds of hitting a particular symbol are based on the total number of possible shapes on the reel.


Slot Machine Strategy: Hitting Jackpots

The top jackpot, or the most winning state on the online slot machines, is only possible once per reel. On the standard jackpot machine, the odds of hitting a jackpot are 1 in 64 as there are 64 symbols on a reel. When all three reels are considered in order to line up the odds necessary, the total likelihood is 262,144.

The higher the possible payout, the more symbols there are on the various reels in play. This makes the odds of actually hitting the jackpot far lower than they might be on the lower paying machines.

In addition to the larger reels making big jackpots harder, slot machines include blank spots right next to the jackpot symbols. There are multiple blank spots on the reel making it more likely that a player will earn nothing rather than winning the jackpot. Additionally, the close proximity of the blank spaces to the jackpot makes it feel as though the player just barely missed winning and he’ll be more likely to play again. Be mindful of your odds – not what appears to be correct.