State of Massachusetts Voices Support for Online Gambling

A few days ago we heard Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman voice his support for an online gambling bill. He said that the bill should be passed, even though he does not agree with it fully, because he believes that it is clear that Washington is moving toward online gambling. He also stated that if Congress is to regulate the online gambling industry, Massachusetts would like to be one of the first states to make the most of it, rather than being one of the states left behind.

When the bill that Grossman is referring to was proposed by State Senator Michael Rush earlier this year, he stated that the bill aims to do more than just allow the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission to operate its games online, he also stated that online gambling is “a new, interactive way of playing the lottery through new online games of chance.” He also believes that the bill could bring $1 billion in revenue for the state of Massachusetts as they could offer their own online gambling sites, instead of having residents playing offshore. He also added that this will be a much more safer way for residents to enjoy online gambling.

Rush’s bill follows the Canadian model for online gambling, offering a system with prepaid player accounts so that the state can monitor the activity going on at the website and prevent problem gambling. The bill is awaiting Congress approval, but it is great to hear that other political figures are inclined to approve it.

The bill was filed earlier this year and it is still waiting on Congress approval. At the time, Senator Rush has taken a leave of absence from the senate as he is serving the United States as a soldier in Iraq, as part of the Navy Reserves. During his absence, his chief of staff John Regan, will be running his office.