Surprising Celebrity Buddies

When I want hard facts, I got to If I want good, investigative journalism, I watch 60 Minutes. And when I absolutely must know all about strange Hollywood twosomes, I go to US Weekly. You’d never predict these seemingly mismatched celebs would actually be Perfect Pairs.

Tila Tequila and Meghan McCain: You can’t get much stranger of a match than the daughter of John McCain and the most annoying woman on reality TV (which is saying something). But it all makes sense because, according to Tila, “People may think we’re so different, but she is a Scorpio and I’m a Scorpio”.

Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken: Sure, they’ve both benefited form the fame offered by reality TV, but can you really see these two actually hanging out and going out for beer and hot-wings together?

Sean Penn & Natalie Portman: Okay, so we’ll put this slightly creepy romance in the alleged column, but with the divorce of Sean and his wife Robin Wright-Penn being confirmed, it seems like the gossip mags may have got this one right.

Paris Hilton and Kathy Griffin: Actually, this one makes perfect sense. Both of them have so annoyed the crap out of every other person in Hollywood, that without each other they’d have to pay people to be their friends.