Most of us love to play our favorite games both online and during the occasional visit to an offline casino. And both types of gaming have their own advantages. But if you’re looking for a couple stories that might just convince you to stick to playing online, look no further:

Movie-Quoting Guy Strips Off in Casino – Unless your home-life is a lot stranger than mine, you don’t often have a session of online casino gaming interrupted by a naked man spouting quotes from the Terminator movies. But that’s just what happened in an unnamed US casino. When arrested, the man claimed he was from the future, and was a doppleganger of Arnold Schwarzenegger. After being tazed, the man admitted to having consumed marijuana and LSD.

Phony ATM set up in the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas – Scammers operating in Las Vegas is not a new story, but the audacity of these criminals is impressive. Not only did they set up a fake ATM in a major casino right on the Strip, they even did it while the Riviera was hosting a computer security conference! Needless to say, one of the attendees at the conference quickly spotted the scam machine and alerted the proper authorities.

Prostitution Ring Sleazing it up In Las Vegas – Again, it’s probably no surprise to anyone that prostitutes sometimes advertise their wares in Vegas casinos, but this is ridiculous. This ring was so huge that the investigation stretched all the way to Brazil, where twelve suspects were arrested for supplying hookers to Sin City.

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