The Online Gambler’s Guide: Introduction

I have decided I would like to start writing ‘The Online Gambler’s Guide’ at the Silver Oak Casino blog on a weekly basis. This is because I have noticed that our players sometimes feel uncertain about games strategy, gambling vocabulary, games variety and many other things concerning online gambling.

Added to all the other tips and strategy posts that I write every week, I will write an article for ‘The Online Gambler’s Guide’ once a week. The topic will usually be of my choice, but I would also like to take questions from our readers and write about actual concerns that they encounter in their online gambling adventures.

If you have a topic in mind or a question that you would like to resolve feel free to post comments under ‘The Online Gambler’s Guide’ posts and I will immediately attend to them. If the topic is broad enough to cover an entire article I will be more than happy to write about it, but if it is a quick question please post it too and expect a shorter reply as a comment from me.

My first post (which will come next week) will cover some gambling vocabulary that players often feel unfamiliar with. If there are any terms that you hear all the time but are not so sure as to how to explain please write them under this post and I will make sure I attend to them.

So if during the week you encounter new words that you cannot entirely get the meaning of, refer them to me through this post. And remember, Einstein said you do not really know something if you cannot explain it to your grandma, so start from there!

I hope that Silver Oak Casino players will find this helpful and beneficial as my intention is to help you guys out as much as I can with my online gambling knowledge.