The Online Gambler’s Guide: Picking the Right Slot Machine

Every month software providers launch a significant amount of new online slot games, as a matter of fact, more slot games are released in a month than other games are released in a year. Therefore, it can become overwhelming to pick which slot machines are better for you to play at. This article aims to give players a few tips on how to make the right choice.

First of all, always test out slot games before deciding to put money into them; in order to do this, take advantage of the free play mode. There is no point in you putting your money in a slot game that you might not even like after all. Once you are on play mode, you should be off to evaluate the audiovisual characteristics of the slot game. You should try to pick up on the audio effects and notice if there is any music playing in the background. You should also judge if you like their graphics and animations and if they run smoothly on your computer.

The next thing is to evaluate the number of paylines because in some slot machines you might be able to choose the number of paylines and the number of coins per line, whereas in others it could already be predetermined. Make sure that you check the coin size range so that you know the minimum and maximum coin size and work out the maximum line bet and maximum total bet. If all of those characteristics have appealed to you so far, keep reading, otherwise start over with a new slot game.

Once you have decided that you like the general look of the slot game you should look at the pay table and the game rules (they tend to vary), there is usually an information button above or below the reels that provides quick access to this information. You should be looking at the payouts, the wild symbol, the multipliers and extra features that are offered, and whether scatter payouts are offered.

This is only the first part, come back tomorrow to check out the rest of things you NEED to know about online slot games.