In previous articles I have talked about the differences between poker and video poker, but I did not mention that there are also broad differences in the way both games interpret the gambling lingo. Whereas we may be familiar with online gambling terms, we might not be too savy on the way theya re used on video poker. This game, as most other games, has its own lingo and uses some classic gambling terms in different ways. Below, you can find definitions for them that will help you understand the game a lot better.

  • 86: The action of a casino barring a player.
  • Bank: A row of video poker or slot machines.
  • Bonus Poker: a variation of Jacks or Better video poker.
  • Carousel: a bank or multiple banks of video poker machines.
  • Coin in: the amount of money played through a machine.
  • Cycle: the hands it will take to win the jackpot on a video poker machine.
  • Deuces Wild: A variation of video poker in which the 2s in the deck are the wild card.
  • Face Card: Jack, King or Queen.
  • Hopper: The container that holds your coins underneath a video poker machine.
  • Inside Straight: a straight that can only be filled by hitting a card on the inside of a 5-card sequence.
  • Joker Poker: a variation of Jacks or Better which uses a 53 card deck that includes the joker.
  • Payoff: the amount a video poker machine pays off for a particular hand.
  • Push: when the player neither loses or wins money, a tie.
  • Short pay: a video poker machine with less than a full pay.
  • Wild Card: a card that can substitute for any other card in order to make a hand.


I hope that you can use some of these definitions while you are at the video poker machines and that they helped you understand the game better.