Top 10 casino myths

There are myths that have grown around casinos that players seem to believe. Some of them may be true, but some others are just absurd. In this article you can read about the top 10 casino myths out there and find out if they are true or not.

1. Myth: Casinos pump extra oxygen onto the gaming floors to make players gamble more and/or care less about losing money.
False: It is illegal to pump any substance in closed establishments.

2. Myth: The Delta Saloon, in Virginia City, Nevada displays the “suicide table” which has sat and condemned past owners of the Saloon to suicide after making huge losses.
True?: It has been stated that three Delta Saloon owners killed themselves after losing massive amounts of money at the table. However, we do not know if that is because of the table.

3. Myth: In Craps there are hot and cold tables. At the hot tables you will always win and at the cold tables you will always lose. A hot table can never turn into a cold table and vice versa.
False: It has been statistically proved that in craps you are handling dices that have no idea on what type of table you are playing at. “Hot” tables have been seen turn “cold” and vice versa.

4.Myth: Experienced dealers can control where the ball lands.
False: There are way too many physical variables involved in the wheel spin to be controlled by a person.

5.Myth: If a machine has not been paying in a long time, it is likely to hit.
False: There is no way to determine when a machine is about to hit. The chance to hit it after it has not paid in four hours is the same chance there is for a machine to hit twice in a row.

6.Myth: The highest paying slot machines are at the end of the aisle in casinos.
False: Slot machines have a completely random system for paying out. All slot machines can experience their high-paying and low-paying stages.

7.Myth: Knowing the odds of a game will give you a better edge.
True: Unlike all other “luck” factors that are considered when gambling, if you know the odds you will probably be able to minimize your losses and maximize your winnings.

8.Myth: To win at blackjack you should always assume that the dealer has a 10 in the hole.
False: There are sixteen 10-valued cards and 36 non 10-valued cards, which means that there is a higher chance that the dealer has a non 10-valued card in the hole.

9.Myth: If someone hits the jackpot on the machine you just left, you could have won it yourself.
False: Random Number Generators are making combinations every micro-second; even when no one is playing them. That player had the same low chance you had of hitting that micro-second combination.

10.Myth: In roulette, if the last 8888 (any amount) winning numbers have all been red, a black number will definitely be the next winning number.
False: Roulette is a game of chance. The chances of a black or a red number being the winning number are the same in every spin.