Top 10 Tips for Doing Vegas on a Budget

Sure, it’s cheaper than ever to fly to Las Vegas right now. But once you get there, the city is filled with ways to part you from your hard-earned dollars. Here’s 10 ways to save:

10) Yes it’s awesome to cruise the Strip in a stretch Hummer limo, but take the monorail instead. It’s a little bit off the strip, but the short trek to the stations will help you walk off the effects of too many buffets.

9) Save big by staying at a hotel just off the Strip or downtown. If you must do the Strip, check out the hotels at the north end like the Riviera, the Statosphere or (if you don’t hate kids) Circus Circus.

8) Skip the clubs. Cover charges are often $20 or more, drinks are pricey and did you see the size of that line?

7) Have a few drinks in your room. Yes drinks in the casino are free…except for the tipping and the money you lose gambling while you wait.

6) Visit mid-week. Flights are ridiculously cheap and so are hotel rooms, even at the swank places.

5) Take in free entertainment like the Harlots of TI show, or whatever it’s called now.

4) Sign up for one of those casino player’s cards. Unless you’re a high-roller, it’ll be tough to get a room comped, but even a couple free buffets will save you money.

3) The sun is free so spend your afternoons at the pool. If your hotel doesn’t have a pool, the fountain at the Bellagio will do in a pinch.

2) Eat nothing but 99 cent shrimp cocktails from the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino.

1) Skip it altogether and play in our online casino instead.