In case you haven’t heard, it’s Valentine’s Day…that magical 24 hours where couples bask in each other’s love, singles drink a lot of booze, and everyone sucks back a few chocolates. It’s a day when Cupid and Hallmark work overtime and cable TV is full of Richard Gere movies. But even on such a blessed day as this, things can go horribly wrong if you take a big gamble.

Take, for example, this story about a woman who proposed by jumping out of a giant cake. In her underwear. In a public restaurant. It would have all been very funny and exciting, and made a great story to tell their kids…if he had said yes. Or even if he had stayed in the restaurant. Instead the propose-ee got up without a word and walked out of the restaurant.

Of course, you don’t have to work that hard to really screw up a Valentine’s Day gamble. You could just take a risk on an appropriate way to celebrate the day with your partner, and lose. LIke, maybe she didn’t really want to go down to the pub to watch the game. Or maybe he isn’t as excited as you thought he’d be about a wonderful, romantic dinner over at your parent’s house. And maybe getting her that box of diet chocolates wasn’t such a brilliant idea.

Hey, every day is a gamble. And the more expectations there is about a particular day, the more ways there are for you to somehow screw it up. So take my advice…try your luck at a casino game, and leave the Valentine’s Day gambles to someone else. Play a game now.

Peter Alexander

With over ten years experience as an online writer and content specialist, Peter has written for a wide variety of clients and industries. At various points, he has helped define the online voice for clients such as Nintendo, Nike’s Jordan brand and Electronic Arts. For the last number of years, he has specialized in writing for the online gaming world, for clients such as Bodog and Silver Oak Casino.