We all know if it happens in Vegas, it stays in Vegas. But apparently a judge presiding over the suing of Dennis Rodman didn’t get the memo. The notorious former NBA star was ordered to pay $225,000 to a 28-year-old former “beverage manager” at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. He got busted for slapping Sara Robinson’s butt without permission and grabbing her and trying to force her to dance in front of coworkers and customers. One big advantage of playing at our Silver Oak online casino, rather than in Vegas, is that very rarely will a 6’8″ cross-dresser manhandle you when you play at home.

This isn’t the first time that the bad boy of the hardwood has caused a ruckus off-court. Let’s just say his mugshot appears more than once on The Smoking Gun website. And his recent appearance on Celebrity Apprentice ended with a quasi-intervention, as Trump and the other celebs came down on him for his alleged booze problem and generally obnoxious behavior.

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