You’re a Celebrity, Get Out of Here

It may just be me, but it sure seems like “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here” has been on TV constantly for weeks, and yet they’ve only voted two celebrities off so far. The latest victim (besides those of us who watch the show) is Daniel Baldwin. So if they’ve only got rid of two celebs so far, clearly this show plans to go on forever (kinda like your bankroll can go on forever if you play video poker using this trick).

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What I find most surprising about the slow, plodding pace of the show, is that it proves something absolutely shocking – that Heidi and Spencer were actually the most interesting thing about it. Because now that they and their shampoo bottle/getting tortured/suing NBC antics have gone back to L.A., the entertainment value of the show has dropped down to Star Wars: Episode 2 levels.

Considering that the entire show seems to consist of the celebs loafing around camp, and very occasionally having to eat unpleasant things, we might as well start calling the show “So You Think You Can Eat Bugs” or, perhaps, “American Idle”. Either way, we’d probably be better off turning off the TV and getting our jungle fix from the appropriately themed online slot Treasure Chamber.