Best Craps Strategy

An intimidating game for a beginner, craps appears to have about 100 different kinds of bets and they all are complex. When you walk up to a craps table, there are endless commands being shouted and bets being placed. In order to even have a chance, you’ll need the very best craps strategy.

The Best Craps Strategy
The best craps strategy starts with a very simple rule – always make a passline bet. This is the number one bet that most players are making with the craps game and if you make the passline bet, you’ll be able to get into the game and understand what is going on without taking too huge of a risk.

Many of the bets with craps rely on a single roll of the dice and many rely on multiple rolls of the dice. Of course, it’s easier to keep up with the single roll of the dice bets rather than the multiple rolls, but after a few rounds, you’ll start understanding how the game is played and the betting system will feel much more natural.

Take the Pass Bet
The most fundamental bet of the best craps strategy is the pass bet. This is the most common bet and virtually all players make the pass bet for the game. The pass bet is simply a bet that says the dice will make it pass the line on a come out roll, or the first roll. Once you place the bet, you’re simply waiting for the numbers. If the come out roll lands on 2, 3 or 12 you lose. If the dice add up to any other number, you win.

The roller then continues to roll until she either gets a 7 or hits the same point number again. If she hits a 7 first, you lose. If she hits the same point number you win even more money.