Craps Strategy

A difficult game to understand, Craps involves throwing the dice a certain number of times, with multiple opportunities to bet. The best craps strategy is to place your bets to minimize the house odds.

Pass Line Bet
The first bet a player should make in a good craps strategy is on the come out roll. A pass line bet is reasonably safe as the house only has a 1.41 percent advantage. You can also do a don’t pass bet where the house has only a 1.36 percent advantage, but you risk upsetting the roller by betting against him.

Odds Bet
Once the come out roll is done, the best bet in your craps strategy is on the odds bet. This bet will be a multiple of your pass line bet, usually two times. This is a great bet to make because it pays out at true odds, leaving the house with no natural advantage. A excellent strategy in a craps strategy is to always take advantage of these neutral odds and use the odds bet. By combining the pass line bet and the Odds bet, you’ve reduced the house advantage to 0.61 percent – as good as odds as you can hope for at the craps table.

Bad Craps Strategy
There are some bets that are considered poor choices in a craps strategy. One of these is the Big Six bet. On this bet, the house has an advantage of 9.1 percent. In this strategy you’re hoping that a six will be rolled before a seven, but the huge advantage of the house on that particular bet makes it a terrible choice in craps strategy.

Other bad betting strategies include the Big 8, the Hard 4 and the Hard 10. These offer the house advantages of 9.1 to 11 or more percent respectively.