Playing online craps involves a bit of luck, a lot of wise betting and a few tricks to keep that elusive luck on your side. Craps requires the players be able to understand the odds of certain bets and also understand when it is wise to make a particular bet and when it is better to stay away from the betting pool.

Learn the Odds
Take time before heading to any online casino to learn to play the odds. Memorize as much as you can about when a bet is a good bet and when you’re likely to be throwing money away. Every single bet when you play online craps has its own odds. Some have higher house advantages than other bets, and there are winning odds and wagers that would make more sense – especially for newer players. Craps can be a simple game if you stick to a few solid bets, or you can make it as complicated as you’d like by making more challenging bets with the little specifics instead.

Play the Field
If you want to increase your odds of winning, play the field, but do it carefully. A lot of seasoned players will tell you that playing the field will ultimately lose money over time and this is true. But if you watch the table and only play the field after two or three non-field bets, your chances of winning go up substantially. In fact, you only have a 9.5% chance of losing after three non-field bets.

Avoid Proposition Bets

There are high odds of winning if you bet in the middle of the table, but the house holds all of the odds here. It’s unlikely that you’ll win if you start placing bets in the props box, so avoid it. Of course, the payout would be higher, but that is only because it is so hard to win. If you absolutely must try, consider placing a bet in the props box only once – if you win, great!