A roulette strategy that ensures winning every time

If you are keen on having fun at the casino and making big money at the same time, there is nowhere else you might find this combination other than hitting the roulette table. Roulette is a favorite of both amateur and professional players due to its high risk and high payout options and for its low risk option with low payout that is used by the gambler to start on.

Another reason why people play roulette for most of the time they are at casinos is that the rules are simple with strategies kept at the minimum. This means that anyone, no matter the experience can get to win in this game.

How to play roulette

Playing roulette is easy as you only need to make a decision of where the little ivory ball lands once the wheel stops spinning. You will come across two different types of roulette wheels, the American and European. The American wheel has slots numbering from one to 36 with additional 0 and 00 slots. The European wheel differs by missing the 00 slot.

Betting on roulette

While betting, the players place their bets on a green layout table that exists beside the wheel before the ball stops rolling. The layout is consistent of either red or black slots or odd or even slots with different groups of numbers. The outside layout has various numbers. If you do not want to risk loss, then place your bets here. This is because you will have different number combinations but the payout will be less amounting to 17 to one. If you go for high risk, high reward, then you can place your bet on the inside layout that has individual number slots. If you hit the correct destination, then the payout is a big 35 to 1.


Strategies of playing roulette

Though this is a game of chance, there are various ways that you can maximize your winning potential while playing roulette. There is what players call the martingale strategy where the gambler has a lot of money. Hence, theoretically he cannot lose.  He plays a single number or a single combination of numbers without changing his option and as chances dictate, at one time the ball will land on his combination hence his winnings will ultimately surpass his capital. There is also, what players call the advanced strategy used mostly by pros of roulette. Here, the player must also have quite an amount of cash where you pick out close to seven numbers and bet $1 on each of them when the wheel is spinning. If the ball lands on one of these numbers, continue betting on the seven until you lose. When you lose, you must change on your price per slot so that you stand higher chances of gaining your losses with a profit for your efforts.


On overall, it is all about taking chances and playing with them while playing roulette. The aim of the game though is to have as much fun as you need hence it is not all about the money.