Use the Andrucci Roulette System to Beat the Casino

You may have heard of people using roulette systems to win big at the casino.  What are these systems?  How do you use them?  Do they work?

Ever since roulette hit the gambling scene over 100 years ago, mathematicians, scientists, and degenerate gamblers alike have been developing systems in an attempt to beat the menacing roulette wheel.  Of all the attempts to create a winning system, there are only handful that have gained notoriety over the years.  Will these systems the key to beat the house or is it nothing but a bunch of hot air?  Let’s find out.

The Andrucci System

One of the most popular systems ever developed is the Andrucci System, which is based on chaos theory.  Basically, the idea behind the system is that over the long run, every number on the roulette wheel will come up approximately the same number of times.  However, over the short term, some numbers will get “lucky” or “streaky”, coming up more often than the other numbers.

The key to the system is to recognize these “lucky” numbers, and bet that they will keep coming up over the short run.  In fact, Andrucci predicted that one or two numbers will appear up to 8 times before all of the numbers have come up in a given game of roulette.

How to Use the Andrucci System

To use the Andrucci System, follow these steps:

  1. Watch a roulette wheel for 30 spins, keeping track of how many times each number wins (often the last several spins are listed in plain sight near the roulette wheel).
  2. Usually, you will notice that some of the numbers have appeared several times, while others have not appeared at all.  Choose one of these numbers to be your “lucky” number.
  3. Make a straight up bet on the number of your choice and stick with it for 30 – 35 spins (as long as the number wins sometime in the first 35 spins, you will make a profit).

When using this system, make sure that every straight up bet you make is of the same amount of money.  If you start varying the amount you wager on each spin, you are not guaranteed to make a profit if your bet wins on the first 35 spins.

Does The Andrucci System Really Work?

Mathematically speaking, no, although many gamblers swear by it.  Technically it shouldn’t work because no one number should win more than any other.  However, if you look at a number of spins over the short term, you will most likely see that some numbers do indeed seem “lucky”.  If you can successfully identify one of the lucky numbers while it is in the middle of its hot streak, you will definitely beat the casino.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of this system?  Have you tried it before?  Does it work for you?  Let me know in the comment section below!

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