The Most Bad Ass Roulette Bets of All time

What would happen if you sold your house, car, and all of your other worldly possessions, flew to Las Vegas, and put it all on one single bet on Red at the roulette table?

If that sounds like complete insanity to you, you’re right.  It would take someone with either balls of steel or half of their frontal cortex missing to actually execute such a stunt.  Who would do such a thing?  See the video below and find out!

Fools Gold

Since the invention of high stakes roulette, magicians have used it to wow onlookers, a handful of extremely smart people have successfully exploited the system to make it rich, and countless idiots have gone double-or-nothing with their life’s possessions.  Whether these people won or lost in life, their adventures in gambling have earned them at least one thing: a spot on our list of the most bad ass roulette bets of all time.

David Blaine Is A Winner

Whether you are impressed or just puzzled by his various stunts, David Blaine pulls off some pretty dumbfounding magic tricks.  Well, I’m not really sure if sitting in a block of ice or holding your breath for 10 minutes is technically “magic”, but it is pretty amazing nonetheless.

While some of these death defying stunts are cool, none of them would be more useful in my daily life than this one.  Watch the video below as David Blaine wins a couple of lucky ladies $3,200 on a few roulette bets.

How the hell did he do that?

Chris Angel Is A Roulette Bad Ass


The magician Chriss Angel is well known for doing ridiculous tricks where he is able to read people’s minds, predict the future, and all sorts of other equally creepy stuff.  When it comes to roulette though, this one takes the cake.  It’s tough to tell if this was just completely random luck or some stroke of psychic genius, but watch as Chriss Angel wins almost $900 with one $25 bet at the roulette table:

Why It Pays To Be An Engineer

In 1873 an engineer named Joseph Jaggers was intrigued by the game of roulette.  He wasn’t intrigued by playing the game itself, but by the fact that he thought he could beat it, and become a rich man in the process.

Over the course of a week, Mr. Jaggers paid several roulette croupiers (dealers) to keep track of every single number the roulette ball landed on for 6 different roulette wheels at the Monte Carlo casino.  After crunching the numbers, Joseph discovered that one roulette wheel seemed to be biased toward one set of outcomes.

Taking his month’s check to the casino, he sat down at the biased roulette wheel and proceeded to bet his money on the 9 numbers he found to come up more often than the rest.  After several days of betting at the biased wheel, Mr. Jaggers walked away from the casino $325,000 richer (a huge sum of money in 1873).

Laser Beams = Roulette Riches

In 2004 two Serbian men and a pair of Hungarian women used a system of lasers, cellphones, and computers to predict which number the roulette ball would land on at the Ritz casino in England.  While it was not an exact science, it was able to narrow the odds from 1 in 38 to 1 in 6… not bad.

After two days of laser beaming the roulette wheel, the 4 casino scammers walked out the door with over 1.2 million pounds.  Not too shabby for a couple days of work.

Feeling taken advantage of, the casino attempted to sue the newly rich roulette players for tampering with the game.  The judge ruled that since they did nothing to physically influence the game, the casino didn’t have a leg to stand on.  They were let off scott free with their winnings.

No Guts, No Glory, No Green?

Also in 2004 (apparently a big year for roulette), a British chap named Ashley Revell decided it would be a brilliant idea to sell his house, car, and all worldly possessions for the opportunity to put $135,300 on Red in a game of roulette.

While everyone was telling him he was insane (YOU’RE INSANE!), Ashley paid no mind and bought a ticket to Las Vegas with nothing but the clothes on his back and a fat wad of cash to put down on the roulette table. Also you can test your new knowledges on the

What happened to Ol’ Ashley?  Take a look at this video and find out!

Final Thoughts

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