“Can I Bet on Two out of the Three Roulette Columns?”

The question as to whether or not you can bet on two out of three of the roulette columns is one that comes up a lot here at Silver Oak Casino.

If you are unsure what the above is referring to, consider that a roulette board is broken into three different sets of numbers that comprise three “columns.’ Betting on any one of these three columns will award a 2:1 payout.

So the question again is as follows: can you bet on any two of these columns? Or, perhaps more precisely: is is strategic to go ahead and do so? The answer is: yes, it can be.

But let’s walk through the process.

The “Two Column Shuffle” Betting System in Roulette

For example, say you were to bet $10 on the first row of the roulette board, numbers 1-34. Then, you also bet $10 on the second row of the roulette board, the numbers 2-35. The payout for betting on a column is 2:1, so if you happen to win your bet, say in the first column, then you are going to win $20, making $30 for that column, whilst losing $10 that is bet into the other column. Overall you earn $10 total.

Not bad. But that is not quite the Two Column Shuffle strategy.

The way to make the “Two Column Shuffle” strategy work is as follows: double or otherwise increase the wager of (in this example $10) one of the bets such that if you win on the large bet, you are going to still be profiting nicely when you substract the column that did not win. So for example, if you bet $20 in the first column and $10 in the second column, winning in the first column will award you $40 total from a $30 bet, so you win $20.

Conversely, if you happen to win on the smaller wager on the second column, than the Two Column Shuffle ensures that you are not losing (as fast as other betting strategies.) In this situation you would win another $10 from the $10 wager, and giving you $20 total, which you would then lose to the $20 wager on the first column.

Even money.

There is always that chance that the ball will land on that third column that you have not placed a bet on, in which case you are going to lose all of your wager, but overall the Two Column Shuffle is a great way to mitigate huge swings in luck and keep you gambling for longer. It is harder to profit quickly, but it is also harder to lose quickly. It has its tradeoffs.

Is that It?

Yes, pretty much. Easy, right? Now, keep in mind that you can certainly mix this strategy up with other strategies as well. The Two Column Shuffle strategy is not mutually exclusive with playing specific numbers on the “inside of the board,” so give that a shot as well, as that is where the big payoffs are.