In order to really put online roulette tips to good use, you must first understand what is possible with the game. There are many rumors that swirl about regarding online roulette, and those interested in playing roulette, need to put their worries to rest regarding false information.

All Roulette Wheels Are Not Equal

Or at least they are all not identical. There are different styles of roulette wheels divided by continent, and with the number of spaces on an American and European roulette wheel, there are possibilities for different averages and odds. The American wheel has 38 slots and the house average is 5.25%. The European variety has 37 slots and only a 2.70% advantage.

Roulette Is Not Predictable

Every spin of the wheel is totally random and it’s impossible to count up the number of spins to see what will happen next. It’s not a game where you can count much of anything except your bets. Each spin is independent and you’re always just as likely to land on red as you are black.

Roulette Can’t Be Beaten

While there are plenty of people who would like to convince players that they can add and count in order to beat the roulette wheel successfully, there is no actual mathematical system that will allow players to beat the game. It’s simple – this is a game of chance.


Roulette Wins Big Often

Roulette is a true game of chance. The ball spins around and lands on a space every time independently of any skill or counting. Each spin is independent of the last and there is no easy money to be made outside of normal betting. To win at roulette, you must have good luck and be willing to play the odds. The best odds in roulette are broad color or number bets – red or black, odds or evens. You’ll win this way quite a bit, but it won’t be huge money at least.