When learning how to play roulette, the single most important thing to understand is how to make bets properly.  Truth be told, there are so many different bets in Roulette that you could basically throw a handful of chips onto the roulette table and they would probably all land in legitimate betting positions.  However, if you would like a little bit more control over what you are betting on, follow this roulette strategy guide and you will be betting like a pro!

Roulette Table

Here is an image of a complete American Roulette table with all of the bets listed below already placed on it.  When you look at the individual bet descriptions below, you will see an accompanying image which is a closeup of what the wager looks like on the table.

Inside Bets

These bets are all made on the “inside” of the roulette table, meaning they are all placed somewhere on the main area of the roulette table, where all of the numbers are arranged.

  • Straight-up – This is a bet on a single number.  To make a straight up wager, place the chips entirely inside of the number’s square on the roulette table.

  • Split – This is a bet placed on two numbers that are located next to each other on the roulette board.  Examples of split bets would be a wager on 1 and 2 or 1 and 4.  A split bet is made by placing chips on the center of the shared boarder between the two number you wish to bet on.

  • Street – This is a bet on 3 numbers that are all in the same row.  On a standard roulette table, the numbers are arranged in 12 rows of 3 numbers each.  Make a street bet by placing the chips on the outside edge of the row you wish to bet on (on the outside edge of the last number in the row).

  • Corner – Also known as a square bet, this is a wager on 4 numbers that all share a corner on the roulette table. To make a corner bet, place the chips on the corner that is shared by the 4 numbers you wish to bet on.

  • Six Line – This is a bet placed on 6 numbers that are all in 2 adjacent rows on the roulette table.  In other words, it’s equivalent to making 2 street bets with one set of chips.  To make a six line bet, place the chips on the outside corner where the two rows meet on the roulette table.

  • Trio – This is a bet on 3 numbers at once, always at the top of the roulette table.  This bet can be made on either the 0, 1 and 2 or 00, 2 and 3, or in some places between then 0, 00, and 2 (shown below).

Outside bets

Outside bets are wagers placed on the area outside of the numbered squares.  These bets all cover a larger group of numbers and pay out at lower odds.

  • 1 to 18 – This is a bet that the winning number will be somewhere between 1 and 18.  Make this bet by placing the chips in the square labeled 1 – 18.
  • 19 to 36 – This is a bet that the winning number will be between 19 and 36.  To make this bet, place your wager inside the area marked “19 – 36” on the roulette table.

  • Red or Black – This is a bet that the winning number will be of a specific color, either red or black.  Make a bet on either of the colors by placing the chips inside the square labeled “Red” or “Black”.  Some casinos may not have squares that say “Red” or “black” but rather have squares that are filled with the corresponding color.

  • Even or Odd – This is a bet that the winning number will be either an even or an odd number.  To make this bet, place your chips in either the square that read “Even” or the square that reads “Odd” on the outside of the roulette table.

  • Dozen Bets – There are 3 types of dozen bets that you can make in roulette, all three of which are a wager that the winning number will be one of a dozen numbers.  You can bet on the first dozen (1 – 12), the second dozen (13 – 24), or the third dozen (25-36).  To make a bet on one of the sets of a dozen, place your chips on the square on the roulette table labeled “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, or “3rd 12”, whichever corresponds to the set of numbers you wish to wager on.

  • Column Bets – This is a bet on one of the 3 columns of numbers as they are arranged on the roulette table.

Now you are ready to hit the roulette table with a vengeance! If you are ready to try out your betting skills right now, download a free roulette game here:

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Jeff White

Jeff has been an active gambler from the age of 18 when he won a small local poker tournament in San Jose, CA. He moved on to playing other casino games shortly thereafter, with a great interest in the statistics and mathematics involved. He has studied the historical gambling systems of nearly every popular casino game played today, and has written strategy books for several of them including blackjack, slot machines, craps, and roulette. Jeff has been a daily contributor to the Silver Oak Casino blog since the beginning of 2009.