Roulette Myths

As with most casino games played by millions of people around the world, Roulette has its own body of myths which keep players guessing.  Can experienced roulette croupiers (dealers) really control where the ball is going to land?  Are roulette wheels really biased in a way that players can exploit?  Read on and find out!

Does the Roulette Dealer Control Your Fate?

There are many reports of roulette croupiers claiming to be able to “call their shot” on the roulette wheel, controlling the final destination of the roulette ball.  If true, roulette dealers could make a bad tipper lose, or make all of his friends and family rich with a few flicks of the wrist.  But is this possible?

Unless the roulette dealer has some kind of comic book type power, it is highly unlikely.  If you watch a casino roulette wheel in action, you’ll notice that the wheel is spun in one direction, then the roulette dealers quickly flicks the ball in the opposite direction at a high velocity.  The ball then spins around the wheel several dozen times before finding its final resting place.

Precisely controlling the destination of the ball after those several dozen spins is most likely impossible.

But what if the roulette dealer just spins the ball more slowly, wouldn’t it be easier to control?

Well, yes, it probably would be a little easier to aim the ball at a lower velocity.  However, in most gambling jurisdictions, there are rules in place that require the roulette dealer to spin the ball at a minimum speed that prevents the ball from being controlled in any way.

Is the Roulette Wheel Biased?

When roulette wheels were first invented, they were all made by hand.  They were manufactured this way for many decades before a mechanically precise manner for manufacturing the wheels was developed.  Just like with anything that is hand made, the original roulette wheels were not 100% perfect and displayed biases.  Furthermore, after many years of use, roulette wheels could develop minor defects that could influence their impartiality.

In 1873, a British engineer named Joseph Jaggers discovered a bias in one of the roulette wheels at the Monte Carlo casino.  He noticed through a statistical analysis of thousands of results from the wheels at the Monte Carlo that one wheel landed on a set of 9 numbers far more often than it should.  After a week of exploiting this flaw in the wheel, Joseph Jaggers walked away from the Monte Carlo with nearly $400,000… an enormous amount of money for 1873!

So how can you find your own biased wheel to exploit?  Unfortunately, they no longer exist.  Today’s manufacturing techniques are far more precise than they were in Mr. Jaggers’ day, and modern roulette wheels go through extensive testing before ever leaving the factory.  Furthermore, if a roulette wheel is suspected of being biased, it is quickly removed from the casino floor and checked before putting back in action.

So How Can I Cheat At Roulette?

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