Roulette Rules

Roulette is an exciting game for up to eight players at once. In order to enjoy a game of roulette, players play against the house using rules that have been in effect since in the 17th century. Up to eight players play against the House, which is represented by the croupier. The croupier, or dealer, spins the roulette wheel and handles all wagers and payouts as well.

Roulette wheels in Europe have thirty-seven slots representing the numbers 0 through 36. American roulette wheels have thirty-eight slots with the same numbers plus another zero. The game starts after the players buy-in with different colored chips. This keeps the bets from getting mixed up. After buying in, you can’t get money back without leaving the game to cash in your chips.

The first bets are made in the game when players place their chips on any number, including the zeros. Once everyone has a chance to place a bet, the croupier starts the spin and drops the ball onto the wheel. Just before the ball lands on a spot, the croupier calls out that there are no more bets. The ball lands in a spot and the croupier places a dolly on the winning number. He then clears off the board of any losing bets and settles the winning bets. Once the board is clear, the players can then place new bets for the next round of spinning.

The house has a significant advantage on a double zero roulette table, accounting for 5.26% advantage. Players should always keep this in mind as they play their bets and prepare for each round of play. The best bets for beginners in roulette are those bets that have a fifty-fifty chance of paying out. For example, betting on an odd or even number or perhaps red or black will likely be for fun for the starting players as there are more opportunities to win.