Roulette Strategy

The game of roulette is pure chance, so the roulette strategy that is most effective is a plan that takes into account the odds of each spin. Since you do not touch the wheel or the ball, there is not much to do for the better in terms of counting or movement. Pure roulette strategy has more to do with watching the wheel and memorizing odds than anything else.

The Law of Averages

Most players have a blackjack strategy that relies on the law of averages. Even though probability states that there is an equal chance of black or red every single time the wheel is spun, the law of averages states that red will come up on average more often after black came up on the previous spin.

While it seems like it must be true – after all four red spins in a row would make black more likely – it’s actually false. If the wheel is spun 100 times, fifty of those times will be red and fifty will be black. It’s impossible to predict the order of the spins. Any roulette strategy that counts on the laws of averages is simply taking advantage of what seems right – it’s not effective in the long run, of course.


Betting Strategies

Far better than averages are the actual betting roulette strategies. The house has the advantage in roulette games, but the odds of winning on certain bets are far higher than others. The trick to winning successfully with roulette is learning which of the bets is more likely to pay off and playing long enough for this to actually work.

For example, betting black, red, odd or even isn’t going to get you rich fast, but it has far better odds than placing your money on a single number. That has odds of 35 to 1.