Roulette Tips

There are countless systems for roulette, and many of the die-hard Roulette players swear by one system or another, but for the novice player – and really for any player – systems are just want to make you feel better about odds you can’t control. Roulette is a game of luck and chance. There are some betting techniques that will help you stay ahead of the game, but most of all, playing roulette is about having a good time in the moment.

Skip the System – Once you’ve played countless games and have money to burn, you can try out different systems to see what works for you. Right now, however, play and have fun making moderate, even safe, bets to manage your money and enjoy the game without the headaches. As you become a more experienced player and have a bigger bankroll, you’re welcome to enjoy as many systems as you like – a trial and error is another way to have fun with roulette, in fact.

Consistent Betting Is Key – It’s fun to put down chips or coins where you want on each spin, but it’s important to remember that each spin of the wheel resets the board , so playing all over the place will actually decrease your chances of winning and possibly waste your money. It’s better to play the same bets over and over again statistically, at least. Granted, it’s not as much fun as going with your gut, but who can argue with safety?

Start with Even Money Bets
– How romantic is it to wager everything you have on #7? Realistically, however, your 35/1 payout isn’t going to happen. Instead you’re going to lose all of your money and cut your night very short indeed. To preserve your money and make the night a bit longer and more entertaining, make even money bets like red or black, low or high. Those bets might not pay out huge amounts, but you still get the joy of winning and plenty of money to keep the fun going.