Online Slots Strategy: How to Break a Losing Streak

All aspects of life have their ups and downs.  Sometimes you are bowling nothing but strikes, and sometimes you can’t stay out of the gutter.  In any game of chance, especially slot machines, this is also true.  While playing slot machines, I have won jackpots that almost convinced me to quit my job.  I have also gone on cold streaks at the slots that have made me extremely glad I didn’t.

While we all often go on streaks like this, they never last forever.  Even the most bitterly cold streak will eventually come to an end.  Through years of these ups and downs at the slots I have developed some invaluable techniques that help me through those rough patches. I’m sure they will help you through yours too!

Slow Your Roll

If you can’t seem to hit any good wins for a long time, first try decreasing your wager per spin.  I suggest still playing as many lines as possible, but decrease your bet per line.  This maximizes your opportunity to hit a winner, while still dropping your total wager per spin.  Once the machine starts hitting again, bring your bets back to the level you started at.  You never know when the next hot streak is coming.

Stay Calm, It’ll Be OK

Sometimes you will hit a cold streak that will make you want to rip your hair out in patches.  Stay cool.  Getting this angry only leads to worse decisions and quickened baldness.  Those who continue to gamble while they are fuming only stand to lose their slots bankroll more quickly.  Bring a stress ball, punching bag, or slot machine voodoo doll with you if necessary, but keep a level head.

Step Away Before You Lose It

If you go on a cold streak that threatens to drain your bankroll entirely, step away from the game for a minute; you don’t want to lose your whole bankroll on one bad streak of luck.  If you’re playing online slots, step away from the computer and take a breather.  Go have a smoke, a drink, or just step outside for a breath of fresh air.  I suggest giving yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes before going back and finishing your slots session.  Usually this is enough time to cool off and get you back in a winning mindset.

Have your winning mindset back?

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Final Thoughts

These tips have helped me through some bad losing streaks.  What do you do to get through a cold streak?  Tell me in the comment section below!