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5 Diamond Blackjack Guide

It’s instant and simple! Overpower the dealer’s hand with any of the 5 hands you are equipped with! Get either a total of 21, or a number that’s higher than the dealer’s hand, or maybe a diamond symbol. Not hard to beat, right?

How to Play 5 Diamond Blackjack

The game board has a dealer’s hand facing a set of five hands. To start the game, select the bet amount. Denominations are $1, $2, $5 and $10.

Click on Play to highlight the Dealer’s Hand and the set of five hands that constitute your hand.

Either click on each hand individually, or select the “Scratch All” button.

To win, any one of your 5 hands must be either more than the dealer’s hand, equal to 21, or reveal a diamond symbol.

The winning hands blink on the screen, and display your win. It could either be a free card, or a payout that multiplies ‘x’ times over your bet. Refer to the payout table in the rules menu to check your winning amount

Important: You can win on more than one hand in a single game.

Game Features and Bonus Rounds

Packed with 5 chances to score over the dealer’s hand, and three ways to win, the 5 Diamond Blackjack rarely leaves you disappointed.

From free cards to a multiplier of 4000, the payouts at the 5 Diamond Blackjack are very high. In a single game, more than one hand could score better than the dealer’s, and you get the benefits of all. For instance, one hand may give you a free card, another could give you a prize two times the bet, and the third could be the same value as the bet. Winning 2-3 hands in a single play is not an uncommon phenomenon.

Jackpot Info

You are eligible to win the jackpot with every card that you purchase, irrespective of any win that you may or may not make in the game. The jackpot ticks away constantly and may drop any time between games.

Additional Rules

Get a hand total higher than the dealer’s hand and win the prize.

Get a hand total of 21 to double the prize.

Get a diamond symbol and win 5 times the prize.

Random jackpot on purchase of every card.

Payouts range from its own value to 4000 times the bet amount.

Strategy & Tips

5 Diamond Blackjack gives you instant rewards, and holds high chances of winning. You can bet on a single dollar to try your luck, and perhaps play a couple more games. Chances of winning a prize, or at least a free card, from a couple of games are fairly good.

You may in fact, get more than 1 win in a game. For example, you may win a free card on one hand, 1x the bet on another, and 2x the bet on a third hand. The maximum award is 4000 times the bet.

You can test the payout potential of the game without spending a single dollar by playing in the ‘fun’ mode. Click on the ‘Play for fun’ button when you log on to the site, and play along till you are familiar with the rules and the payouts of 5 Diamond Blackjack.


The 5 Diamond Blackjack is a virtual scratch card game from RTG that gives instant wins. Online scratch cards are superior to physical scratch cards as they are controlled by the Random Number Generator, and the main prize can be won any time.

Scratch cards made their entrance in 1974 when a lottery game was created by the computer for the Massachusetts Lottery by the Scientific Games Corporation. The scratch card was later patented by the US in 1987, and sale commenced in the same year in the UK. Their popularity led them to be installed in more accessible lottery kiosks, instead of the distant casinos.

The Internet has obviated the need for kiosks as well, bringing these fun games straight to your desktop, which does not even need software to download. As new themes were added in the last decade, online scratch cards became more popular.

The 5 Diamond Blackjack is one of the most played scratch card games with a high payout percentage. Its rules are similar, yet simpler to the card game of blackjack, and the diamond symbol that has been added as a variant has further enhanced its popularity and winning potential.


Dealer’s Hand: A pair of cards held by the dealer that the player has to match or exceed with a higher total, or with a diamond symbol.

Your Hand: Five pairs of cards constitute five hands that a player uses to get a score that is higher than the dealer’s.

Hand Total: The sum of the cards in each hand used by the player.

Diamond symbol: A hand may sometimes have one of the cards featuring a diamond symbol, implying a win on all five prizes.

Free card: One of the prizes awarded if your hand has a score higher than the dealer’s hand.

Balance: The money available to a player to play the game

Cashier: Allows player to check on previous transactions, deposit money to play, and withdraw from his account.

Menu: This opens the Player options dialog where you can opt for a full screen, activate sound and the dealer’s voice, and adjust the card speed.

Help: This opens the Help page which details the rules to play and win and has a glossary of terms on the Casino Navbar.

Back: Takes the player back to the ‘casino lobby’ of the game

Rules Tab: Located on left of the frame, it opens to display the rules and the payouts of the game.

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